Understanding the Nigra Linea or Longitudinal Line on the Stomach of Pregnant Women

Pregnancy can indeed cause many changes to the body of a pregnant woman. Towards the middle of the pregnancy, Mother began to realize the emergence of vertical lines that extend to the abdomen. What causes the appearance of the line and is it classified as normal? This pregnancy line is called the linea nigra, which means the black line. This line is usually shaped extending from the navel to the pubic bone. It could be that this line existed before pregnancy, but it's not very visible. Previously this line was called the alba linea or white line. What are the Causes of Linea Nigra? Although often called the black line, but actually the linea nigra is brown and will get darker as you get older. This line width is approximately 0.5 to 1 cm or more. This line usually appears in the fifth month of pregnancy. The cause of the appearance of linea nigra is not known with certainty. However, this is a natural part of pregnancy. Presumably this line is caused by hormonal changes dur
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